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Bibleway Ministries

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Embrace Spiritual Growth

Explore the path of faith with Bibleway Ministries International. Engage in a fulfilling journey of growth, built upon the pillars of love, unity, and service.

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Experience Divine Love

Join Bibleway Ministries International in embracing God's divine love. Discover an environment of acceptance, faithfulness, and spirituality, guiding you toward a purpose-driven life.

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Cultivate Faith Together

Welcome to Bibleway Ministries International - a family cultivating faith. Experience unity in diversity, deepen your understanding, and join us in serving humanity with love.

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Discover Faithful Living

Step into Bibleway Ministries International and embrace a life rooted in faith. Immerse in a community where love prevails, growth is nurtured, and service is esteemed.


Experience Faith, Share Compassion, Build Community

Empowering Youth Ministry

Aimed at fostering spiritual growth in youth, we focus on character development, leadership inspiration, and nurturing connections within a faith-driven community.

Dive into Scripture

A deep exploration of scripture to enhance understanding, foster insight, and encourage in-depth discussions about spiritual enrichment among members.

Community Outreach Initiatives

Extending the scope of our faith community, we offer support and services for those in need, embodying the expression of Christ's love.

Prayer and Worship Together

Uniting believers through collective prayer and worship, this initiative emphasizes strengthening community bonds and encouraging a deeper devotion to spiritual growth.

Transforming Lives, Inspiring Growth, Expanding Reach

Our Mission

Our mission at Bibleway Ministries International is to transform lives through the Word of God, inspiring spiritual growth and healing. We strive to serve humanity with empathy, cultivating spiritual maturity, and empowering individuals to achieve their God-given potential.

With a commitment to global outreach, we aim to spread the gospel across Canada and beyond, embracing the belief that God has put Canada in our Hands and the World in our Reach.

Our Vision

We envision a spiritual sanctuary welcoming all, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances, and united by God’s love. Our thriving community demonstrates and shares this love through services, ministries, and personal lives.

We aspire to cultivate individual growth guided by God’s Word and focus on extending our reach beyond our local church. By touching lives across the globe with the transcendent power of the Gospel, we reinforce our commitment to extending our reach as far as the World in the Hands of God.

15 Years


Welcome to

welcome to Bibleway Ministries International

Experience the transformative power of faith with Bibleway Ministries International. We’re dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, empowering individuals, and extending our reach globally. As we collectively venture through the journey of life, our mission is to transform through God’s timeless teachings. Together, let’s inspire spiritual maturity and make a profound impact, one person, one community at a time.

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Get in touch for guidance, assistance, or to connect. Your spiritual journey matters to us.

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Immerse yourself in the heartening testimonies from our community, highlighting their journey of faith, personal enlightenment, and the remarkable change experienced through our fellowship.

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